The Top Voice Acting Colleges in America

There are a number of schools across the United States that offer voice acting programs. These programs typically focus on teaching students physical aspects of voice acting such as tongue and jaw control, recording and editing.

For those looking to pursue a career in voice acting, attending one of these colleges can be a great way to get started. Below is a list of some of the top voice acting colleges in the country.

Temple University's Certificate in Voice and Speech

Temple University's Certificate in Voice and Speech is the perfect way to get started in voice acting. The 12-credit hour program offers a four-course sequence that prepares students to become voice actors.

The Fitzmaurice Voicework method is a unique combination of traditional and contemporary techniques from theaters around the globe. A well-rounded education including training in acting and vocal technique will give students the tools they need to pursue a career in voice acting.

In addition to learning about the technical aspects of voice acting, students will also receive physical training to strengthen their tongues and jaws, and proper breathing techniques. All of this knowledge is essential for anyone looking to start a career in voice acting.

If you're passionate about acting and looking for a unique way to break into the industry, Temple University's Certificate in Voice and Speech is the perfect choice for you.

The voiceover minor at Columbia College Chicago is the best choice for aspiring voice actors

If you're interested in becoming a voiceover artist, Columbia College Chicago is the place to be. The voiceover minor at Columbia College Chicago provides students with the necessary skills to become successful voiceover artists through the college's theatre program.

The courses required for thevoiceover minor include but are not limited to: Radio Production, Demo Creation, Voice-Over Basics. These courses will give you a strong foundation in the industry and prepare you for a successful career as a voice actor. Students can take advantage of advanced courses to fine-tune their skills, in addition to the required ones. Teachers for the voiceover minor include veteran actor Deb Doetzer and adjunct instructor Marssie Mencotti. With experienced teachers like these, you'll be sure to get the best education possible.

So if you're looking for a college that will prepare you for a career in voice acting, look no further than Columbia College Chicago.

Pace University: The First School to Offer an Undergraduate Major in Voice Acting

Pace University in New York City is the first school to offer an undergraduate degree in voice acting. This program is unique because it takes a conservatory approach; teaching students physical prepareation, commercialacting,voice-over techniques,and other intesiveclasses.

The faculty at Pace are working professionals who have experience in the acting industry. Lester Thomas Shane has worked extensively as a professional speech and dialect trainer for many well-known organizations including NBC, HBO, and the Lincoln Center. He is now using his expertise to help train the next generation of voice actors at Pace.

Shane believes that the key to success in this field is understanding the mechanics of the voice and how to use it effectively. Students in the program are taught how to control their breath, diction, and inflection in order to create believable characters. They also learn how to interpret scripts and deliver lines convincingly.

With its combination of rigorous training and real-world experience, Pace's voice acting major is setting a new standard for excellence in this growing field.

Wichita State University

Wichita State University is a great place to study voice acting. The undergraduate Wichita State University School of Performing Arts offers a Certificate program in Voice Acting, which engages numerous facultly members and courses taught throughtout the Theatre BA program. The program offers classes to help students develop their vocal skills, such as “Improving Voice and Diction” and “Voice Acting”. To apply students must audition.

Theatre is a very important part of Wichita State University. It not only provides an education for those who wish to pursue a career in theatre, but also for those who want to get involved in other aspects of the performing arts. Many famous actors and actresses got their start in college theatre programs, and Wichita State University has one of the best. If you are interested in pursuing a career in voice acting, or even if you just want to learn more about the craft, Wichita State University is a great place to do it.


There are many greatvoice acting collegesacross the United States that can help you getstarted in this boomingindustry. The Voice Acting Academy offers experienced teachers and a focusedphysical training program to help prepare students for a successful career invoice acting. These programs typically offer a well-rounded education that covers topics such as recording and editing, tongue and jaw control, and proper breathing techniques. In addition, students receive practical experience through classes that often put them in front of a microphone. By attending one of these colleges, students can gain the skills and knowledge they need to start a successful career in voice acting.



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