The Best Pre-Med Schools in California

Pre-med is a popular major for students interested in becoming doctors. But what exactly is pre-med, and what do you need to do to succeed in this field?

Though most medical schools have similarities, each has its own unique set of requirements. To be eligible for admission, you'll need to complete courses in biology, general chemistry, physics, English, and math. While pre-med isn't a specific required major by most schools, many colleges offer it as an advising track. The coursework offered at this school is designed to help students gain the skills and knowledge necessary for admittance into medical school.

If you're thinking about becoming a doctor, it's important to do your research and make sure that it's the right career choice for you. There are many different types of health care careers out there, and some may be a better fit for you than others. Pre-health counselors can help you explore your options and figure out which health-related field is the best fit for you. If you decide medical school is the best decision for you, they can help advise you on how to prepare for the difficult application process.

Some programs even recommend taking a gap year before starting medical school. This can give you time to focus on taking the MCATs or gaining work experience in the healthcare field. If your goal is to become a doctor, then attending a top pre med school in California is an excellent first step.

Occidental College

If you're looking for a beautiful campus and a strong focus on the liberal arts, Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA is definitely worth checking out. The school offers an array of majors and minors, and their Pre-Health Advising program is one of the best in the state. California is known for its excellent medical schools, so if you're thinking about becoming a doctor, Occidental is definitely worth considering.

Santa Clara's Pre-Health Advising Program

Since its inception, Santa Clara University's Pre-Health Advising program has assisted over 200 students in gaining admission to over 60 different medical schools. That's an impressive record, and it's no wonder that the school is ranked so highly by U.S. News and Forbes.

But what makes Santa Clara's Pre-Health Advising program so successful? I talked to some recent graduates to find out.

All of the students I spoke to said that the advising staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They were able to answer all of their questions, and they really went above and beyond to help them prepare for their applications.

One student told me that she wasn't even sure if she wanted to go to medical school when she first started working with her advisor. But after going through the process and getting all of the information she needed, she realized that it was the right decision for her.

Another student said that he was initially waitlisted at his top choice school. But thanks to the advice he received from his advisor, he was able to put together a strong appeal that got him accepted.

If you're considering applying to medical school, I would definitely recommend checking out Santa Clara University's Pre-Health Advising program. With its experienced staff and proven track record, it's one of the best programs in California – and you could be next in line for a spot in a top med school!

Claremont McKenna College

Claremont McKenna is a collegiate consortium of seven liberal arts colleges emulating Oxford University. The Accelerated Integrated Science Sequence program offered at Claremont McKenna's Keck Science Department is unique to the department and was developed with help from the National Science Association.

The Accelerated Integrated Science Sequence is an intense four-year program that provides students with a broad foundation in the sciences while also allowing them to pursue their specific interests. Students in the program take classes together for their first two years, before transitioning into more specialized coursework in their junior and senior years.

One of the benefits of the Accelerated Integrated Science Sequence is that it provides students with opportunities to gain experience in research and publishing. Students in the program have interned at places like the Scripps Research Institute and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and many have gone on to publish their work in scientific journals. Besides publication, another common outcome of these types of internships is either presentation or participation at events held by professional organizations such as the Society for Neuroscience or the Genetics Society of America.

Claremont McKenna's 9.4% acceptance rate may seem a bit daunting to applicants. However, students who are passionate about science and are looking for an immersive, rigorous experience will find that Claremont McKenna is an excellent choice.

Pepperdine University

Pepperdine University is a private research university located in Malibu, California. The school is best known for its highly ranked undergraduate teaching program, which ranks 18th overall in the nation. After graduation, 89% of Pepperdine students are accepted into medical programs - making it one of the best pre med schools in California.

The university was founded in 1937 by George Pepperdine, a businessman and philanthropist. Pepperdine's original mission was to provide higher education opportunities for students from all walks of life. Today, that mission continues to guide the university's commitment to academic excellence and diversity.

Pepperdine offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, including business, law, education, psychology, and the liberal arts. The school also boasts a strong athletics program, with teams competing in Division I of the NCAA.

If you're looking for a top-notch education at a renowned university, Pepperdine is definitely worth considering!

Pomona College

Pomona College has an acceptance rate of 85% for medical school, which is quite high. However, their approach is very practical and strategic, so it's no wonder that they're doing so well. They have 50 states represented in their student body, and their acceptance rate is only 8%. That's impressive! US News ranks Pomona College as one of the top ten best pre med schools in California, and I can see why. Their dedication to preparing students for success in medical school is evident in their high acceptance rate. If you're looking for a great pre med school in California, Pomona College should definitely be at the top of your list!

USC's Office of Pre-Health Advisement

The Office of Pre-Health Advisement at the University of Southern California's Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences provides guidance to prospective medical students. The office provides support and guidance to current students as well as alumni who are interested in applying to medical school. USC's Office of Pre-Health Advisement creates a collaborative community of health-focused students and faculty.

USC's commitment to pre-health advising begins with its location in Los Angeles. As the largest city in California, and one of the largest cities in the country, LA is home to a wealth of healthcare opportunities. From world-renowned hospitals to cutting-edge research institutions, LA has it all. And USC is right in the heart of it all.

The Office of Pre-Health Advisement takes advantage of USC's location by connecting students with clinical experiences, research opportunities, and Shadowing programs. But the office doesn't stop there. The staff also works closely with students on their course selection and career planning.

Whether you're just starting your college journey or you're already on the path to becoming a doctor, USC's Office of Pre-Health Advisement can help you reach your goals.

UCSD's Pre-Health Program

UCSD's Pre-Health program offers guidance and support for students planning to apply to medical school. The program provides professional paths for students as well as events and workshops to help them make connections, find employment opportunities, and get support from their peers throughout the application process.

Pre-Health believes that using self-assessment tools, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, can help students determine how to most effectively showcase their talents and abilities in written applications and interviews. This can be a valuable exercise for any student, but it's especially helpful for those who may not have had traditional academic experiences that would prepare them for the rigors of medical school.

If you're interested in applying to medical school, UCSD's Pre-Health program is a great place to start. With its supportive community and wealth of resources, you'll be well on your way to making your dream a reality.

UCLA - A Top Choice for Pre-Health Undergraduates

If you're considering a career in the health sciences, UCLA is definitely worth a close look. The school offers academic counseling to help students prepare for medical school, as well as separate guidance for non-science majors. UCLA is an excellent choice for students - it's been ranked as one of America's best colleges, and boasts world-class research facilities, a beautiful location on the California coast, and more than 1000 registered student organizations.

There are many ways to gain experience in the field of health science - and UCLA strongly urges students to do so before applying to any of their programs. The school provides many opportunities for students to get involved in research, patient care, and other hands-on activities. This is valuable experience that will help you stand out when you apply to medical school or other health programs.

So if you're looking for a top-ranked school with a strong commitment to preparing students for careers in the health sciences, UCLA is definitely worth considering.

UC-Berkeley: A Top Pre-Health School

If you're looking for a top-notch pre-health school, UC-Berkeley should definitely be on your list. Located in Berkeley, CA, the school offers a pre-professional path advising program to help students prepare for medical school and other health care careers.

Maintaining a strong GPA and taking a rigorious course load is important, and most students are urged to major in a subjects they'll excel in. But the school also recognizes that being a successful future health care professional requires more than just good grades. The encouragement of students to get involved in volunteer work, research and connections with other future healthcare professionals is done through campus organizations.

Health-related campus organizations are varied and plentiful at Cal Berkeley with over 50 to choose from. And all of this involvement pays off when it comes time to apply to medical school. According to statistics, former Cal Berkeley Pre-Health students have a 65% chance of getting into their first choice medical school program - which is an impressive figure!

So if you're looking for a top pre-health school with a proven track record of success, look no further than UC-Berkeley.

Stanford's Program for Pre-Health Students

Choosing the right undergraduate school is a big decision for any student, but it's especially important for those interested in pursuing a career in medicine. There are many great pre-med programs out there, but Stanford University's Program for Pre-Health Students really stands out.

The program offers an undergraduate course of study that will prepare students well for medical school. But Stanford doesn't just stop at academics. The program also offers a course on happiness, which is an important part of maintaining a successful career in medicine. In addition, the program offers service learning and internships opportunities, so students can get real-world experience before they even step foot in medical school.

And if that wasn't enough, the program also has a Mock Interview Specialist who can help students practice their interview skills. Plus, there's an opportunity to shadow physicians, so students can see what a day in the life of a doctor is really like.

There's no doubt that Stanford's Program for Pre-Health Students is one of the best pre med schools in California. If you're serious about becoming a doctor, this is definitely the place to be.


California is home to many outstanding pre med schools, but these ten are particularly noteworthy. Some of the best colleges to consider if you're interested in pursuing a medical profession are Occidental College, Santa Clara University, Claremont McKenna College, Pepperdine University, Pomona College, USC's Office of Pre-Health Advisement, UCSD's Pre-Health Program, UCLA's Pre-Health Program, UC-Berkeley's Pre-Health Program, Stanford University's Program for Pre-Health Students. All schools have something unique to offer, and each has its own proven track record of success.



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