Scholarships in Estonia: A Guide for International Students

Estonia is a culturally diverse and unique country located in Northern Europe. The education system in Estonia is of high quality and internationally recognized. Estonia offers affordable education and a variety of opportunities for international students. Scholarships in Estonia are available to support international students interested in studying in this beautiful country.

Estonian National Scholarships

Estonia is a small country in Northern Europe with a population of just over 1.3 million people. Despite its size, Estonia has a lot to offer students looking for scholarships. The Estonian National Scholarship Program provides students pursuing a bachelor's, master's, or Ph.D. with a €350-€660 monthly stipend. This program is open to students from all over the world who are pursuing bachelor's, master's, or Ph.D.'s at any accredited Estonian institution of higher education.

Estonia is a beautiful country with a rich culture and history. It is also home to some of the world's leading universities, making it an ideal destination for students looking to pursue their studies abroad. Scholarships like the Estonian National Scholarship Program make studying in Estonia more affordable for international students, making it an even more attractive option. If you are thinking about studying in Estonia, be sure to check out the Estonian National Scholarship Program!

Tallinn University of Technology Scholarships

Tallinn University of Technology offers scholarships for both full tuition waiver and performance-based scholarships. The amount of the scholarship may vary, but is typically a percentage of tuition fees. To be eligible, students must be enrolled in a Bachelor's degree program at Tallinn University of Technology.

The GPA requirements for performance-based scholarships are as follows: For new students, the minimum GPA required is 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. For continuing students, the minimum GPA required is 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and financial need.

University of Tartu Tuition-waiver Scholarships

The University of Tartu in Estonia is committed to making higher education accessible to talented students from all over the world. One way they do this is by offering tuition-waiver scholarships for both Bachelor's and Master's degree programs.

There is no separate application process for these scholarships; students will be notified in their admission letter if they qualify. To keep the scholarship, students must meet the minimum study load requirement; if they don't, they'll have to pay for any unearned credits.

This is an incredible opportunity for international students to get a top-quality education at one of Estonia's leading universities. If you're thinking about applying to the University of Tartu, be sure to check out their tuition-waiver scholarship program!

Tallinn University’s Scholarship Based on Study Results

Tallinn University offers scholarships for full-time students or those taking 30 ECTS per semester. The scholarships are based on study results and the amount of the stipend is €100 monthly.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must have completed a Bachelor's or Master's degree program at Tallinn University with excellent results. Additionally, all applicants must be enrolled in full-time studies or taking 30 ECTS per semester.

The scholarships are awarded by the Tallinn University Board on a competitive basis. Students can apply for the scholarship through the university's online application system.


If you're thinking about studying in Estonia, don't forget to check out the scholarships available to make your education more affordable. Estonia is a beautiful country that is rich in culture and history, and their universities are world-renowned for providing a high-quality education. So why not take advantage of all that Estonia has to offer by applying for a scholarship today?



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