The Best Places to Live in Switzerland

The Swiss Confederation, more commonly known as Switzerland, is a federal republic located in central and western Europe. The country is bordered by Italy to the south, France to the west, Germany to the north, and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east.

Switzerland is a landlocked country geographically divided between the Alps, the Swiss Plateau and the Jura mountains. While the Alps occupy the greater part of the territory, the Swiss population is mostly concentrated on the plateau, where the largest cities are found: Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Laussane and Bern.

The official languages of Switzerland are German, French, Italian and Romansh. English is also widely spoken.

Switzerland has a long tradition of neutrality – it has not been involved in a foreign war since 1815 – and today is one of the world’s leading neutral countries. It is also known for its banks and financial institutions.

Switzerland is a federal state made up of 26 cantons, each with its own constitution, parliament, government and courts. The cantons are sovereign states within the federation; they retain ultimate authority over matters such as healthcare, education and policing.

The capital city is Bern.

Zurich – The Best City to Study in Switzerland

Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland, is one of the world's most important banking and finance centers. UBS and Credit Suisse, two of the biggest banks in the world, are based here.

The city is situated in the north of Switzerland where German is spoken. The many art museums and nightclubs give it the title of party capital of Switzerland. The nightlife here is incredible!

If you're looking for a great city to study in Switzerland, Zurich is the perfect choice. There are many top universities here, and the city has a very international feel. You'll meet people from all over the world while you're studying here.

Lausanne, the Olympic Capital

Lausanne is a French-speaking city in Switzerland and the fourth largest city in the country. The city is known for its how politically and economically stable it is, as well as being the judicial center of Switzerland. Laussane is known as the Olympic Capital because it houses the International Olympic Committee, the Court of Arbitration for Sport, over 50 international sports associations, and the Olympic Museum.

The city has a long history with the Olympics, dating back to when it was first chosen as the host city of the second modern Summer Olympics in 1912. Since then, Laussane has been intimately involved with the Games, even serving as the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee from 1915 until 2014. In 2020, Laussane will once again play a key role in the Olympics as it will be hosting the Winter Youth Olympics.

There's no doubt that Laussane's rich Olympic history makes it a fitting choice to serve as the Olympic Capital. But what really sets this city apart is its commitment to promoting sports and physical activity on a daily basis. For starters, over two-thirds of Laussane's citizens are members of a sports club. And thanks to the many parks and green spaces throughout the city, there are plenty of opportunities to get active outdoors. There are also numerous indoor facilities including pools, gyms, and climbing walls.

With its beautiful setting, rich history, and commitment to sports and physical activity, it's no wonder that Laussane is known as the Olympic Capital!

Geneva - A City for International Students

If you're looking for a city that's full of international students, look no further than Geneva. As a top city for university study in Switzerland, Geneva is home to many different international organizations. Given that over 30% of its citizens come from other countries, it's not surprising that the city is so culturally diverse and tolerant.

While it may not be the most affordable place to live, Geneva offers unique sights and charm. The city is picturesque, with Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps bordering it. If you're looking for a city with a global perspective, Geneva is definitely worth considering.


If you're looking for a relaxed and scenic European city to explore, Bern in Switzerland is the perfect place for you. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its charming old town and beautiful setting in the Alps. There are plenty of things to do in Bern, from hiking and cycling in the nearby countryside to exploring the many historical sites in the city. And every summer, the Gurtenfestival music festival brings a fun and festive atmosphere to Bern. So whether you're looking for a peaceful getaway or an action-packed vacation, Bern has something for everyone.

Basel: A City of Culture and Opportunity

Basel is a city located in northwest Switzerland, on the border of France and Germany. The city's mix of cultures makes it a popular destination for international students. Basel houses the planet's two largest pharmaceutical companies - Novartis and Roche. The city is a top destination for students who want to get involved in the arts, particularly music. Each year, Basel hosts the largest carnival in Switzerland - Fasnacht.

Switzerland is a country that has long been known for its neutrality and its commitment to peace. This reputation was largely earned during World War II, when Switzerland served as a safe haven for many people fleeing the horrors of war. Today, Switzerland is still considered a peaceful and neutral country, and this reputation extends to its cities as well. Basel is no exception - the city is known for its cultural diversity and its welcoming attitude towards foreigners.

This combination of factors makes Basel an ideal destination for international students who are looking for an enriching and culturally diverse experience. In addition, the city's proximity to both France and Germany means that students can easily explore two other countries while they are studying in Basel. And finally, the presence of major pharmaceutical companies in the city provides students with opportunities to learn about cutting-edge research and development taking place in Switzerland.


If you are in search of a tranquil escape, an adrenaline-filled vacation, or a culturally enlightening experience, then Switzerland is the ideal place for you. With its stunning scenery, rich history and commitment to peace and neutrality, Switzerland is a truly unique country that has something to offer everyone. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Switzerland today!



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