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Wuhan Textile University CSC Scholarship Application Process in 2022

Why Wuhan Textile University CSC Scholarship

Wuhan Textile University filters application forms and recommends only the best candidates for the CSC scholarship. Getting a recommendation from this university drastically increases your chances of getting a scholarship.

Facts To Know

When you are applying for the scholarships at Wuhan Textile University, you need to be aware of the following details about the university.

  • Wuhan Textile University offers scholarships only for pre-admitted students.

  • It provides two types of scholarships –

    • Bilateral Program (CSC Program Category Type A) - a scholarship programs set up by the Chinese government. Supports both undergraduate students and graduate students. Could be applied for through the Chinese Embassy

    • CGS University Scholarship Program (CSC Program Category Type B) - supports only graduate students applying for Masters or PHD programs. There is heavy competition for this scholarship.

  • There is no application fee for scholarships. You need to pay an application fee only for the graduate programs at the university.

  • Both the scholarships are submitted online. There will be no requirement to send in hard copies.

  • You can apply for multiple scholarships at the same time. However, some scholarships cannot be combined. Do a thorough research of the scholarships available to know which scholarships cannot be combined.

  • If it is a full scholarship in type A and type B, then that scholarship covers at least tuition, accommodation, medical insurance, and a monthly stipend.

Where To Start

You can apply for the type B category scholarships under the CSC scholarships when you go through Wuhan Textile University. The University does not recommend many students for the scholarship. It only selects candidates with pre-admission forms and very high academic qualifications.

It is a highly competitive category, and to get a recommendation from Wuhan Textile University, requires everything to be perfect. Here is how you can get started:

  • First, find out about the various programs offered by the university. It is one of the leading universities in China and has many programs, including fully funded master’s and Doctoral programs.

  • Learn about the various scholarship options and what type of funding they offer – fully funded or partially funded.

  • Find out the specific requirements of the university. Different universities have different requirements, and the competition level varies too.

Who Can Apply

Unless you meet the eligibility requirements, your application form does not stand a chance to get recommended by Wuhan Textile University for the CSC scholarship. Here is what the University requires from candidates for eligibility to apply:

  • Must be a citizen of a country other than the PRC and must have a sound mind and a healthy body

  • Different programs have different age requirements

  • Not more than 35 years for Master’s program and must hold a bachelor’s degree

  • Not more than 45 years for Doctoral program and must hold a master’s degree

  • Must be pre-admitted for application to be considered and recommended for CSC scholarship by the Wuhan Textile University

  • Applicant should not have another scholarship already offered to him

  • Other universities should not nominate applicants as CGS candidates for the CSC scholarship.

How To Fill The Application Form

If you are planning to apply for the CSC scholarship at Wuhan Textile University, you need to fill the application form in the following manner:

  • Go to the CSC official website and create a profile for yourself with all your details.

  • You will see an inline application form. Fill it up.

  • If you are applying for more than one university, you cannot do so from this account. You need to create a new account for each scholarship you apply for.

  • Every university will have an agency in charge of the application process. Note down this agency number.

  • Now, enter the agency’s number in the application form you are filling out on the CSC website.

  • Different types of scholarships are available for different programs. Choose the scholarship that suits your study level.

  • Fill in all the required details asked in the form. Ensure they are true and do not fabricate any details

  • Click on the submit button.

  • Download the submitted application form and keep a copy for your other references. If needed, you can take a hard copy of the form and file it with other papers.

How To Increase Your Chances

Wuhan Textile University is one of the leading Chinese universities that select candidates for the CSC scholarship through a rigorous process. The competition level is very high, and many applications are received for the CSC scholarship every year.

Here is how you can increase your chances of being recommended by the Wuhan Textile University for the CSC Scholarship in the year 2022:

  • Check the website to know what documents are required. Each university will ask for a different set of documents. So, ensure you don’t blindly submit the same documents for all universities.

  • Check if a separate application form is required in addition to the CSC application form. Some universities will ask for this.

  • If the universities you are applying to require time to verify your documents before taking your hard copies, then submit the soft copies along with the application form.

  • Double-check your application form to ensure you have provided all required documents and information before hitting that submit button.

  • Get two recommendation letters from your previous professors. Recommendation letters add value to your application form. Having such recommendations from two different professors will make your application stronger.

You may apply to multiple universities under the CSC scholarship. The CSC reserves the right to decide which university to admit you to. Even if you get admissions to more than one university, you can use the scholarship for only one program.

Time Frame

When you apply for the CSC scholarship through Wuhan Textile University, you can expect the process to take the following time for each of the processes:

  • Pre-admission – You must get the pre-admissions from relevant universities between October and March

  • CGS online application form must be submitted by March or April (different universities will have different deadlines)

  • Selection by the Wuhan Textile University based on your recommendations will happen around May – June.

  • After reviewing, the CSC will approve your application for the scholarship around July-August so that you can join the course in September.

Ensure all your documents are clear, not fabricated, and meet all the requirements by the CSC. If your application does not meet these requirements, it will be rejected. Remember the competition is very high for this category.



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