USC Medical School: Acceptance Rate, Rankings, Tuition, and More

The University of Southern California's Keck School of Medicine has a long and rich history dating back to 1885. USC's medical school is respected and renowned, having been established as one of USC's earliest professional schools. The school has produced some of the world's leading doctors and researchers, and its programs are highly sought after by students looking to pursue a career in medicine.

Keck's doctors of medicine are traditional but the school also offers undergrad, masters, and Ph.D. programs along with post-doc and continuing ed courses. With a dual-degree program, students have the opportunity to earn an M.D. getting a masters in Public Health or Business Administration would be plus. Keck's research department is responsible for generating over $230 million insponsored research annually.

The school is also committed to diversity and inclusion, with the most recent entering class consisting of 58% females. This commitment to diversity ensures that Keck continues to produce some of the best and brightest minds in medicine for years to come.

USC Medical School Acceptance Rate

It's no secret that USC Medical School is one of the most competitive in the country. With an acceptance rate of just 2.3%, it's clear that only the cream of the crop get in.

So how does one go about getting into USC Medical School? Well, for starters, you'll need to submit a strong application. In the recent admissions cycle, 8181 people applied and only 186 were accepted into the program. This equals to a mere 2.3%!

Of those who are accepted, the majority of them - 83% - reside in California. So if you're not from California, your odds of getting in are already pretty low. But don't despair - anything is possible if you work hard enough and have a strong application.

So what makes a strong application? First and foremost, grades are important. The admissions committee will be looking at your GPA to see if you're up to par academically. Secondly, letters of recommendation from professors or employers can go a long way in showing that you're a well-rounded individual with good character. Finally, your personal statement is your chance to shine and show the admissions committee who you are as a person. Be sure to proofread it carefully and have someone else look at it before you submit it - first impressions matter!

If you're hoping to get into USC Medical School, remember that competition is fierce but it's not impossible. Start working on your application today and who knows - maybe you'll be one of the lucky few who gets to call USC their home for medical school!

USC Medical School Tuition Costs

The cost of tuition for the Keck School of Medicine at USC is $67,472 per year. Other costs associated with attending USC Medical School are estimated to be between $104,000 and $101,500, depending on the year. The total amount spent on college costs such as tuition, fees, and healthcare ranged from $39,150 to $64,494 in the academic year of 2020-2021.

USC offers financial aid to students attending the Keck School of Medicine, with over 80% of students receiving some form of aid. The average amount of debt for a USC medical student is $184,000. However, many students are able to graduate with little or no debt thanks to scholarships and other forms of financial aid.

If you're considering attending USC Medical School, it's important to know all of the associated costs. But don't let the high price tag deter you from pursuing your dreams! With careful planning and financial aid, it is possible to attend USC Medical School without breaking the bank.

USC Medical School Requirements

Are you interested in studying medicine at USC? If so, there are a few things you need to know in order to apply.

Prospective students wishing to attend medical school in the United States first must complete an application through the American Medical College Application Service. This is a centralized application service that allows students to apply to multiple medical schools with one application.

Next, candidates for admission must submit MCAT scores. The MCAT is a standardized test that measures applicants’ knowledge of science and their ability to think critically about scientific problems. USC requires all applicants to take the MCAT and submit their scores as part of the application process.

Admission to USC is also based on interviews conducted by the school, in addition to the AMCAS application and MCAT scores. Candidates will be interviewed by members of the admissions committee and asked about their motivation for pursuing a career in medicine, their academic background, and their personal interests and experiences.

If anyone is not accepted into the joint M.D./Ph.D. program, USC will automatically consider them for the M.D. program. Keck also has a waiting list for candidates who were not accepted initially. Candidates for medical school are not required to have any prerequisites.

USC is a highly competitive medical school, so make sure you put your best foot forward when applying! Good luck!

USC Keck School of Medicine Notable Alumni

The USC Keck School of Medicine has produced some notable alumni over the years. These include Dr. Paul Nassif, Dr. Jeffrey Ross Gunter, and Rep. Karen Bass.

Dr. Paul Nassif is a well-known plastic surgeon who has appeared on several reality television shows, including Botched and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. He is a graduate of the USC Keck School of Medicine class of 1998.

Dr. Jeffrey Ross Gunter is the current chief of dermatology at UCSF Medical Center and has been named one of the best dermatologists in America by both Harper's Bazaar and Town & Country magazine. He graduated from USC Keck School of Medicine in 2006.

Rep. Karen Bass is a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives, representing California's 37th congressional district since 2013. She is a graduate of USC Keck School of Medicine's class of 1983.

USC's Keck School of Medicine Ranked Among Best in U.S

USC's Keck School of Medicine is once again ranked among the best in the United States, according to U.S. News & World Report.

The school is ranked 29th best in the nation for research and tied for 46th on U.S. The ranking of the best medical schools by News in terms ofprimary care is mentioned.

USC's medical school is also one of the most consistently ranked diverse medical schools in the country and is considered to be one of best worldwide.

The Keck School of Medicine is committed to providing an excellent education to its students and preparing them to become tomorrow's leaders in medicine. With top-notch faculty, cutting-edge research, and a commitment to diversity, USC is poised to continue its tradition of excellence in medical education for years to come.

Should You Atd USC Medical School?

There's no doubt that USC has a great medical school curriculum. USC students definitely receive a well-rounded education with the school's 1500 plus full-time faculties and 2400 plus volunteer physician teaching staff. Furthermore, they gain invaluable hands-on experience in their early careers by working with patients at Keck facilities as well as other renowned hospitals and medical centers.

So if you're considering a career in medicine, USC is definitely worth considering. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before making your decision. First of all, the school is extremely competitive. In order to be accepted, you'll need excellent grades and test scores. Secondly, the cost of attendance can be quite high. If you're not sure you can afford it, make sure to explore all your financial aid options before making your final decision.

All in all, USC is a great choice for prospective medical students. If you have what it takes to get in and can afford the tuition, it's definitely worth checking out!


So what are you waiting for? If you're thinking about a future in medicine and USC is your goal, don't wait to start your application. It's a great school with a lot to offer. You never know - you could be the next great doctor or researcher to come out of USC!



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