The Top University in Norway for International Students - The University of Oslo

The Kingdom of Norway, a mountainouscountry in the Scandinavian peninsula, is located in Northern Europe. The Sami people reside in the north, while most of the population lives in the south. The government is a driving force in the petroleum export industry and is a wealthy nation. Not only is it one of the safest countries in the world, but it is also incredibly beautiful.

Norway has a deep-rooted history of folklore which is reflected in its modern day literary traditions. Norwegians celebrate many festivals with liveliness and colors.

The things Norway is best known for are its long, rugged coastlines, its abundance of fjords, being home to polar bears, the Northern Lights being visible there, and lastly the midnight sun. These natural wonders make it an ideal place to study for an MBA.

The Best Universities in Norway

Norway is a land of many contrasts. The population is mostly located in the south, but the country's natural beauty and attractions are found throughout. Norway is a top petroleum exporter and falls into the high-income nation category. Despite this, it is also known for its long, rugged coastlines and fjords.

Norway is home to some of the best universities in the world. The University of Oslo is the oldest and largest university in Norway, founded in 1811. It consistently ranks among the top 100 universities in the world and offers a wide range of programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, or NTNU, is another excellent institution located in Trondheim. It was founded in 1760 and it has been known as a leading technical university in Europe. NTNU has a strong focus on research and innovation, and its graduates are highly sought after by employers.

If you are looking for a smaller university experience, the University of Bergen may be a good option for you. This picturesque university is located on Norway's west coast and offers a more intimate setting for students. The University of Bergen also has an excellent reputation, ranking among the top 150 universities in the world.

Whether you're looking for a large or small university experience, Norway has something to offer. With world-class institutions and stunning scenery, it's no wonder that so many students choose to study here!

Is Norway a Good Place to Study for International Students?

Norway is often lauded for its high level of English, which is great news for international students looking to study in the country. What's more, most Norwegian universities and state colleges don't charge tuition – another big advantage! However, living costs in Norway can be quite high, so it's important to factor that into your budgeting.

Overall, Norway seems like a great place to pursue higher education for international students. The high level of English makes communication and learning easier, while the free tuition is a major financial perk. Just be sure to account for living expenses when you're planning your budget.

Can International Students Work in Norway While Studying?

If you're an international student considering studying in Norway, you may be wondering if you'll be able to work while you're there. The good news is that, in general, it is possible for international students to work part-time in Norway during their studies. There are a few conditions that apply, however.

Norway allows EU nationals to live, study, and work within its borders without restriction. So if you're a citizen of an EU country, you won't need a study permit or any other special permission to work while studying in Norway.

For non-EU nationals, the situation is a bit different. You will need to apply for a Norwegian study permit in order to work up to 20 hours per week while you're studying. Once you have your study permit, you'll also need to register with the police within three months of arriving in Norway.

So if you're an international student wanting to work while studying in Norway, make sure you check what type of visa and permission you'll need before making the move. And once you're there, enjoy the beautiful scenery and friendly people!

Can International Students Stay in Norway After Graduation?

Many international students choose to study in Norway because of the high-quality education and the opportunity to work in a beautiful country. But what happens when you graduate? Can you stay in Norway and look for a job, or do you have to go back to your home country?

The good news is that you can stay in Norway for up to one year after graduation to look for work. You will need to apply for a new residence permit as job seeker before your current one expires. The requirements for a permanent residence permit vary depending on the type of employment you are seeking and your qualifications.

If you have an MBA from a Norwegian university, you may be eligible for a fast-track residence permit. This type of permit allows highly educated individuals to live and work in Norway without having a specific job offer. To be eligible, you must have completed your degree within the last three years and have proof of financial resources.

Whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent residence permit, it is important to start the process early so that you don't run into any problems. And if you're still not sure what you want to do after graduation, consider pursuing an MBA in Norway. With its world-class universities and top-notch business programs, Norway is an excellent place to start your career.

Best University in Norway for International Students: The University of Oslo

If you're looking for the best university in Norway for international students, look no further than the University of Oslo. This renowned institution, located conveniently in the heart of the action-packed metropolis, offers a wealth of opportunities for higher education.

The University of Oslo has a long history with the Nobel Peace Prize, hosting the award ceremony from 1947 to 1989 and again in 2020. This is just one example of the many ways in which the university has contributed to making Norway a leading country in peace and security research.

The University of Oslo houses eight faculties total: educational sciences, natural science, socialscience, humanities, Law, Mathematics, Medicine, Dentistry. With over 800 courses available in English, it's easy for international students to find a program that suits their needs and interests.

The University of Oslo also offers several Master's and Ph.D. programs that are held entirely in English. This makes it an ideal choice for students who want to pursue their studies at the highest level without having to learn Norwegian first.

And because the University of Oslo is publicly funded, students only have to pay a semester fee - there is no tuition charged. This makes studying in Norway more affordable than many other countries.

The University of Oslo is finally affiliated with institutions that deal with high research output on environmental research and studies of traumatic stress. This means that students have access to cutting-edge research facilities and resources.

So if you're looking for the best university in Norway for international students, look no further than the University of Oslo. With its world-class facilities and reputation for excellence, it's sure to provide you with everything you need to succeed in your studies.

University of Bergen

The University of Bergen is one of Norway's top research universities and is especially focused on marine research. The university is also actively working to address global challenges and to promote climate & energy transition.

One of the things that makes the University of Bergen attractive for international students is that Ph.D. candidates are paid employees. This top-notch institution provides an opportunity for talented students from all over the world to pursue their studies.

The University of Bergen has a cosmopolitan atmosphere due to the fact that most students participate in exchange programs. With nearly 2000 international students currently enrolled, the university is striving to increase that number through active recruitment.

If you're considering pursuing an MBA in Norway, the University of Bergen is definitely worth checking out!

UiT The Arctic University of Norway

UiT The Arctic University of Norway, located in the Arctic, is known for beingthe world's most northerly situated higher education institution. UiT hosts essential research in environmental science and has many partner universities that support its expertise in environmental studies. UiT's population of bothinternational studentsandstaffhas been steadily increasing over the past fewyears.

UiT offers a unique opportunity to study in the Arctic. The Arctic is a fascinating region that is undergoing rapid changes due to climate change. UiT's location as the world's most northerly university provides an ideal setting to research the effects of climate change on the environment and human societies.

The University of Tromsø has a long history of cooperation with other universities around the world. This tradition of academic exchange continues today, with UiT partnering with institutions such as the University of Alaska Fairbanks, McGill University, and the University of Oslo. These partnerships allow UiT to offer a truly international education experience.

If you are interested in studying at UiT, I encourage you to explore their programs and find out more about this unique university.

NTNU - Best University in Norway for International Students

If you're looking for a top-notch university in Norway, look no further than the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. NTNU is a top university in Norway for international students, offering high-quality courses in engineering, technology, and natural sciences.

But what really sets NTNU apart from other universities is its strong corporate links. The university provides students with ample opportunities to gain real-world experience while they study, ranking first globally in terms of corporate links. This makes NTNU an ideal choice for those interested in pursuing an mba in Norway.

So if you're looking for a world-class education at a renowned university, be sure to check out NTNU. You won't be disappointed!

NMBU: A Norwegian University Specializing in Human & Animal Health

The Norwegian University of Life Sciences, or NMBU, is a leading institution for veterinary research. The company specializes in human and animal health as well as resource management and similar programs.

NMBU was founded in 1859 as an agricultural college. The focus of the company has shifted to other areas over time, such as foodscience, biotechnology, and businessdevelopment. Nonetheless, the university remains true to its roots by providing students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the ever-changing field of agriculture.

One of the things that makes NMBU unique is its commitment to sustainability. The university offers a number of programs and initiatives aimed at protecting the environment and natural resources. For example, NMBU is a member of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration initiative. This is just one example of how NMBU is working to make a difference in the world.

If you're interested in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine or another related field, then NMBU is definitely worth considering. With its excellent programs and dedication to research, NMBU is sure to give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

University of South-Eastern Norway

If you're looking for a top university in Norway to study at as an international student, the University of South-Eastern Norway is one to consider. This institution was established by merging three different university colleges and provides a wide range of academic programs. These programs cover diverse topics such as health and social care, computer science, and history.

But it's not all about academia at USN. The University also has a focus on ensuring that its researchers are contributing to regional industries through conducting innovative and sustainability-oriented applied research.

So if you want to study at a forward-thinking university that is making a real difference in the world, USN should be high on your list. And with programs like maritime studies and art on offer, there's something for everyone here.

UiS - A Leading Research University

University of Stavanger is a top-tier Norwegian research university, coming in at third for the most published papers per researcher on staff. The university is a fellow of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities, has six faculties, social sciences, arts & education, as well asscience & technolog.

The Museum of Archaeology and several national research facilities are situated on UiS's picturesque campus. Around 400 international students are welcomed by the university each year.

UiS offers a world-class education with a strong focus on research. Students can choose from a variety of programs, including an MBA in Norway. With its top-notch facilities and renowned faculty, UiS is an excellent choice for anyone looking to further their education.

University of Agder

The University of Agder, established 1994, offers undergraduate & graduate degree programs across a wide range of disciplines including: socialsciences,business,health &sportscience,finearts,humanities,engineering,andscience. UiA's research priorities include: integrating E-health, multi-modal approaches, as well as adapting to changing cultures.

UiA is located in Kristiansand, on the southern coast of Norway. The university has approximately 11,000 students and more than 1,000 employees.

The university's main campus is situated in the centre of Kristiansand, within walking distance of the city's shopping and leisure facilities. The campus is also close to public transport links.

UiA has a strong international focus and offers a range of programmes taught in English. The university also has exchange agreements with partner institutions around the world.

BI Norwegian Business School

BI Norwegian Business School is a top university in Norway for international students. With a strong focus on business and management, the school provides an excellent education for those looking to pursue a career in this field. The school's recent recognition from business school accreditations like AMBA and EQUIS has made it one of the top institutions in Europe.

In addition to its excellent academic programs, the BI Norwegian Business School also has a strong focus on collaborating with otherinternational Universities. This allows students to benefit from a truly global education, with opportunities to study at renowned institutions like Fudan University in Shanghai, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and the University of California at Berkeley.

Whether you're looking for a world-class education or the opportunity to learn from some of the best minds in the business world, the BI Norwegian Business School is definitely worth considering.


Norway is the ideal destination if you're seeking a first-rate education in a stunning setting. Norway, with its world-class universities and stunning scenery, offers everything you need to be successful in your studies. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your adventure today!



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