The Top Universities in Morocco for International Students

Looking for an amazing study abroad destination? Look no further than Morocco! This North African country has it all – a rich culture, beautiful scenery, and great educational opportunities.

The Strait of Gibraltar separates Morocco from Europe, making it the perfect place to experience both the Western and Arab worlds. The Berber people make up the largest ethnic group in Morocco, followed by Arabs and Jews. Spanish and French are also widely spoken, due to the country’s colonial history.

Morocco is home to some great universities, which attract students from all over the world. The Moroccan government is investing heavily in education, with the goal of reducing illiteracy rates and increasing access to higher education. As a result, there are now more universities in Morocco than ever before.

So why not consider studying in this fascinating country? You’ll get to experience a unique culture while getting a top-notch education.

How Is the Higher Education System in Morocco?

Morocco has 15 public institutions and an increasing number of private colleges. The 5% of students enrolled at private universities attests to the fact that public universities continue to offer a better education.

What is the higher education system like in Morocco? How do the public and private institutions compare?

The Moroccan government has been investing in the country's higher education system in recent years. In 2010, the government launched an ambitious plan to increase access to higher education and improve the quality of instruction.

Thanks to these efforts, there are now 15 public institutions and an increasing number of private colleges in Morocco. Private universities are slowly gaining ground in reputation for providing a quality education, though public universities still hold the advantage.

The most recent data from the Ministry of Education shows that 5% of students attend private universities. This is a small but significant increase from previous years.

So what does this all mean for students in Morocco? There are more choices than ever before when it comes to choosing a college or university. And while public universities still offer the best overall education, private schools are becoming increasingly popular.

Admission Process in Moroccan Universities

The admission process for universities in Morocco can vary depending on the institution. However, there are some general requirements that all students must meet in order to be eligible for admission.

Most importantly, all students must hand in a re- validated high school diploma. An additional requirement for most universities is that students take an entrance exam. Specific documents may also be required by some institutions, so it is important to check with the university you are interested in attending.

To be admitted into a Moroccan university, all students must pay certain fees. These fees can vary depending on the institution and the program you are applying to.

If you meet all of the above requirements, then you should have no problem being admitted into a Moroccan university of your choice!

What Is the Language of Instruction at Moroccan Universities?

The French language has been used as thelanguage of instruction in secondary and higher education since Morocco was a French protectorate from 1912 to 1956. English programs at many universities are now being included in the academic curriculum.

This is a great move for Moroccan universities, as it will make them more attractive to international students. Additionally, it will help prepare Moroccan students for the global workforce. With English becoming increasingly important in the business world, learning the language is essential for success.

So what is the current state of affairs at Moroccan universities? It appears that there is a mix of both French and English being used as languages of instruction. Some classes are taught entirely in French, while others are taught in English. For students who are not fluent in both languages, this can be a bit of a challenge.

However, it is worth noting that many Moroccan students do speak French fluently, due to the country's history. As such, they should be able to handle classes that are taught in French without too much difficulty. For those who are not as proficient in French, taking an English class may be a better option.

At the end of the day, it is up to each individual student to decide which language they want to learn. If you are interested in studying at a Moroccan university, be sure to inquire about the language of instruction before making your decision.

Tuition Fees in Morocco

There are a wide range of tuition fees charged by universities in Morocco, with some institutions offering free education and others charging up to $5,000 USD per semester. However, the vast majority of universities fall somewhere in between these two extremes, with most charging less than $5,000 USD per semester.

This means that there are plenty of affordable options available for students looking to study in Morocco. And even though the cost of living in the country can be quite high, it is still possible to find ways to save money while studying here.

So if you're considering studying in Morocco, don't let the cost of tuition deter you – there are plenty of affordable options available. Just be sure to do your research and budget carefully so that you can make the most of your time and money while you're here!

Is Living in Morocco Expensive?

Many people wonder if living in Morocco is expensive. The answer really depends on your lifestyle and what you consider to be expensive. If you are used to living in a luxury apartment in New York City, then yes, Morocco will probably seem quite inexpensive to you. However, if you are used to a more modest lifestyle, then the cost of living in Morocco may not be as cheap as you think.

Renting an apartment in Morocco is relatively cheap compared to other countries. For example, a one-bedroom apartment in the city center of Rabat can cost as little as $250 per month. Of course, the quality of the apartment will vary depending on the price, but overall, renting an apartment in Morocco is quite affordable.

Food is also relatively cheap in Morocco. For example, a loaf of bread only costs about $0.50, and a kilo of tomatoes only costs about $1.00. Of course, if you want to eat out at restaurants regularly, then the cost of food can start to add up. But overall, buying food in Morocco is quite affordable.

Transportation in Morocco can be uncomfortable at times. The public bus system is not very efficient and can be quite crowded during rush hour. Grand taxis are larger vehicles that carry up to six passengers and are often in poor condition. Petit taxis are smaller vehicles that only carry one client and tend to be in better condition than grand taxis. However, both types of taxis can be dangerous due to reckless driving.

Overall, the cost of living in Morocco is quite reasonable if you are willing to live modestly. Renting an apartment and buying food are both quite affordable, but transportation can be uncomfortable and dangerous. If you are looking for an

Cheap Universities in Morocco

Moulay Ismail University is one of the most affordable universities in Morocco. Established in 1989, it now has an annual enrollment of almost 70,000 students. The university has two campuses with the main one being in Méknes and the smaller located in Errachidia.

Moulay Ismail University's main campus offers four different types of schools including those for Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Humanities, Law, Economic, Social Sciences. The Errachidia campus has schools specializing in both Sciences & Technology, as well as multidisciplinary studies.

Despite its low tuition rates, Moulay Ismail University provides a high-quality education. The university is accredited by the Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education and offers degrees that are recognized internationally.

If you're looking for an affordable university in Morocco, Moulay Ismail University is a great option to consider.

Admissions at Mohamed I University

Mohamed I University was established in 1978 and is one of the leading universities in Morocco. The university four faculties and four specialized schools, and educates more 70,000student each year. They prioritize research, events, and cultural experiences and have 76 up-to-date, cutting edge labs.

In order to study abroad, international students must follow the diplomatic process from their home countries.

Admissions at Al Akhawayn University

Al Akhawayn University is a Moroccan university located in Ifrane. It was founded in 1995 and follows the U.S.
The three schools in the model of education are humanities and social sciences,science and engineering,and business administration.

University offers 15 graduate and 7 undergraduate programs which are all taught in English. The university, which has 21 student residences, is also home to a library, several research laboratories, 7 academic buildings, 4 dining halls, and a state-of-the-art sports center.

If you're interested in studying at Al Akhawayn University, admissions requirements vary depending on your program of choice. For undergraduate programs, you'll need to submit your high school transcripts as well as any standardized test scores. For graduate programs, you'll need to submit your undergraduate transcripts as well as any relevant work experience.


In 1988, the International Institute for Higher Education in Morocco was established. The college provides five-year bachelor's degree programs. Programs are available in English and French. Admission into the program requires students to pass a test with both English and math content. Depending on the results of the placement exam, new incoming students can either be directly admitted into their desired majors, placed into the “remedial English and Mathematics” course, or be required to take the Intensive English Program.

IIHEM is one of many universities in Morocco that offers higher education opportunities. For students looking to study in Morocco, IIHEM is a great option. The institute has a long history and is well-respected within the country. Additionally, its programs are offered in both English and French, making it accessible to a wide range of students.

To be admitted to IIHEM, students must take a placement test. This test helps determine which level of coursework is best suited for each student. If you score well on the test, you may be able to bypass remedial courses and jump right into your major courses. However, if your scores aren't as high as you'd like them to be, don't worry! There are still options available to you. You have two options: either enrolling in the “remedial program for English and Mathematics”, or being transferred to an intense English Program. No matter what your score is on the placement test, IIHEM will work with you to ensure that you're placed in the right courses for your skill level.

If you're considering studying at a university in Morocco, make sure to check out IIHEM! With its strong reputation and flexible admissions process, IIHEM is a great choice for any student looking to pursue higher education in Morocco.

Admissions at PIIMT

The Private International Institute of Management and Technology was founded in 2006. There are two campuses: one in Rabat and one in Casablanca. It is affiliated with the American University of Leadership. It has a School of Business Administration, an Enterprise School, and a School of Computer Science. Programs are taught in English and French.

If you're looking for a top-notch education at a private university in Morocco, PIIMT is definitely worth considering! The admissions process is fairly straightforward - simply submit your application form along with your transcripts from previous schooling.

One thing to note is that all programs at PIIMT are taught in either English or French, so it's important that you have a good command of one of these languages before applying. If you're not quite there yet, don't worry - the university offers language courses that can help you reach the required level.

So why choose PIIMT? Well, the quality of education is excellent thanks to the institution's affiliation with the American University of Leadership. Additionally, the school offers a well-rounded curriculum with plenty of opportunity for specialization. And last but not least, the campus facilities are top-notch and include everything you need for a comfortable student life.

If you think PIIMT might be the right fit for you, be sure to start your application today!

SIST: A Cheap University in Morocco

If you're looking for a cheap university in Morocco, SIST is definitely worth considering. All six of their offered bachelor's programs and their MBA are entirely taught in English. The admission process involves an interview to determine your English level; however, if you have studied at a British, Canadian or American high school, then you are not required to participate in this step.

Once you're accepted into the program of your choice, you can either start in the first year or in the Foundation Year. The Foundation Year is designed to help you achieve the required level for your major, so it's a great option if you're unsure about your English proficiency. However, it's important to note that the Foundation Year is not free - you'll have to pay tuition just like any other year.

All in all, SIST is a great option for students who are looking for a cheap university with good quality programs. If you have any questions about the admissions process or the programs offered, don't hesitate to get in touch with their team.

Admissions at UM6P

The Mohammed VI Polytechnic University offers programs in architecture, planning, design, agriculture, fertilizers, environmental sciences, industrial management, governance, and economics. With over 600 students enrolled, the school is one of the most respected universities in Morocco.

Admission steps for international students are the same as for domestic students. The school offers scholarships and financial aid to help students with the costs of their education. To apply, simply fill out an online application and submit your transcripts. The admissions team will review your qualifications and get back to you with a decision.

Whether you're from Morocco or another country, UM6P is a great choice for your higher education needs. With top-notch programs and faculty, the university is sure to give you the skills you need to succeed in your chosen field.


In conclusion, Morocco is a great country to consider for higher education. There are many affordable universities available, and the quality of education is excellent. Additionally, the country offers a unique cultural experience that you won't find anywhere else. So if you're looking for an amazing study abroad destination, be sure to add Morocco to your list!



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