The Top Best Actuarial Science Colleges in the United States

Choosing the right college is a big decision. If you're interested in pursuing a career in actuarial science, you'll want to make sure you choose a school that will give you the best foundation for success.

There are several things to consider when choosing an actuarial science program. First, of course, is whether the school offers the courses you need to complete your degree. You'll also want to make sure the faculty is experienced and qualified, and that the curriculum is up-to-date with industry standards. Finally, you'll want to consider whether the school has any specialties or areas of expertise that align with your interests.

To help you make the best choice for your future, here is a list of some of the top actuarial science programs in the country.

Bentley University

Bentley University is a top choice for students interested in actuarial science. The program has an internship completion rate of 97% and an overall job placement rate of 98%, making it one of the best in the country. Additionally, the curriculum is advanced and well-respected by the Society of Actuaries. Many of the instructors have won prestigious awards, such as the Beckenbach Book Prize and Fulbright scholarships. All of this makes Bentley a great choice for students looking to pursue a career in actuarial science.

University of Iowa - A Top Actuarial Science Program

The University of Iowa has long been known for its excellent actuarial program. The program is the second oldest in the nation, and it is CAE rated by the SOA. Robert Hogg, a well-known statistician, wrote a textbook that is widely used in the field.

The Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science provides students with an extensive network made up of both current and former students. The university also hosts special events, such as an Actuarial Career Fair, where different speakers come to talk about topics related to Actuarial Science. They also award Hogg and Craig Lecture prize to outstanding students each year. The school also provides opportunities for students to access actuary-related scholarships and compete in Excel tournaments.

There are many reasons why the University of Iowa is considered one of the best actuarial science colleges. If you are considering a career in this field, be sure to check out this top-rated program!

University of Nebraska's Actuarial Science Program

If you're looking for a top-ranked actuarial science program, look no further than the University of Nebraska. Our R-1 ranking from the Casualty Actuarial Society reflects the high quality of education and training that students receive here. Plus, with two on-campus liaisons, students have direct access to resources and support from the Society. And if that wasn't enough, the local Society of Actuaries club also offers a scholarship opportunity for students enrolled in the program. So if you're ready to pursue a career in actuarial science, there's no better place to start than at the University of Nebraska.

UT Austin's actuarial science program is of the best in the nation

The University of Texas at Austin has an actuarial science program that is successful and inclusive. The program offers students the opportunity to compete in an annual Case Competition. The program boasts connections to SOC, CAS, Gamma Iota Sigma, as well as a bustling professional community. All of these factors make UT Austin one of the best actuarial science colleges in the nation.

The UT Austin actuarial science program is well respected by professionals in the field. This is partly due to the fact that the program produces graduates who are highly sought after by employers. But it's also because of the strong relationships that the program has with organizations like SOC, CAS, and Gamma Iota Sigma. These connections give students access to valuable resources and networking opportunities.

The UT Austin actuarial science program is also very inclusive. This is evident in the way that the program attracts students from diverse backgrounds. It's also evident in the way that the program provides support for students who come from underrepresented groups. For example, the Actuarial Diversity Scholarship helps to cover tuition and fees for students who are members of minority groups.

Overall, UT Austin's actuarial science program is one of the best in the nation. The program is successful, inclusive, and connected to a vibrant professional community. If you're interested in pursuing a career in actuarial science, UT Austin is definitely worth considering.

UW-Madison's Actuarial Science Program

UW-Madison is home to one of the top actuarial science programs in the country. The interdisciplinary program offers students a well-rounded education in mathematics and statistics, with a focus on real-world applications.

The school's scholarship program is extremely competitive, and only the most promising actuaries are awarded funding. But it's worth it – the faculty at UW-Madison are experts in their field, with years of experience working as actuaries.

Alumni from the program have gone on to work for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Travelers, American Family Insurance, Northwestern Mutual, and more. If you're looking for a top-notch education in actuarial science, UW-Madison is the place to be.

Purdue Offers Outstanding Actuarial Science Program

Purdue University, located in West Lafayette, IN, offers an excellent actuarial science program through its math and statistics departments. Students in the program can choose a normal or honors plan of study. Purdue students can get involved in healthcare research at the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering as they work towards their degree. Purdue also offers Exam Awards to students who successfully complete an exam in the

There are many reasons why Purdue’s actuarial science program is one of the best in the country. First, the faculty members are outstanding scholars and teachers. They are dedicated to providing a high-quality education to their students. Second, the curriculum is very strong. It provides students with a solid foundation in mathematics and statistics, which is essential for success in the field of actuarial science. Third, Purdue’s research facilities are top-notch. The Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering is one of the premier research centers in the country, and students have the opportunity to work with some of the leading researchers in the field. Finally, Purdue’s Exam Awards program recognizes student achievement and provides financial assistance for those who need it.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in actuarial science, I highly recommend that you consider Purdue University. It is a great place to get a high-quality education and to prepare for a successful career in this exciting field.

UConn: A Great Place for Actuarial Science

The University of Connecticut offers an Exploration Group for students interested in actuarial science, which is directed by Dr. Jay Vadiveloo. The Goldenson Center for Actuarial Research at UConn provides year-round opportunities for students to get experience in the field through internships and research projects. UConn's Directed Reading Program pairs undergraduates with graduate students in the same field, so they can learn from each other, develop a deeper understanding of the material, and be better prepared for their future career. The Coaching Actuaries Resources program at UConn helps prepare students for careers in actuarial science by providing them with access to quiz, forums, and practice exam resources.

UConn is one of the best colleges for actuarial science for several reasons. First, the faculty are very experienced and can provide great guidance to students. Second, there are many opportunities to get involved in research and internships. Third, the Directed Reading Program is a great way to learn more about actuarial science. Fourth, the Coaching Actuaries Resources program provides excellent resources for students preparing for careers in actuarial science.

University of Michigan: Actuarial Excellence

The University of Michigan is home to one of the best actuarial science programs in the country. The program, which is consistently ranked highly by students and industry professionals alike, features faculty such as Dr. Erhan Bayraker who has published in top tier research journals on both mathematics and finance.

The program not only has a strong tradition ofproducing award-winning graduates but also offers involvement in degree-related activitiesto its students during the summer months. This allows them to gain valuable experience and build their skillset even further. If you're looking for a top-notch actuarial science education, the University of Michigan should definitely be at the top of your list!

UCLA's Actuarial Sciences Program

UCLA offers an actuarial science degree that is highly ranked by the best actuarial science colleges. This program not only gives students the skills and knowledge they need to become an actuary, but it also inspires them to look into other routes that lead to becoming an actuary. UCLA's applied mathematics research is ranked highly, making it a great choice for students interested in this field.

University of Pennsylvania's Actuarial Science Program

Actuarial science is a fascinating field that the University of Pennsylvania offers as a major and minor, providing students with excellent academic resources and opportunities to pursue it.

UPenn, as one of the best actuarial science colleges in the nation, is located near some of the most prominent business hubs across the country. This gives students easy access to internships and job opportunities after graduation.

The university provides three departmental scholarships and at least twelve outside scholarship options for actuarial science students. This financial support makes it possible for more students to pursue their dreams of becoming an actuary.

Academic resources for students include the Penn Actuarial Society and the Department of Statistics and Data Science. These organizations provide valuable networking opportunities, help with course selection, and offer guidance during the job search process.

Whether you're looking to major or minor in actuarial science, the University of Pennsylvania is an excellent choice. With strong academics, ample financial aid, and great career prospects, UPenn is a top school for anyone interested in this exciting field.


Now is the ideal time to pursue a career in actuary science if you're feeling prepared. And with so many excellent colleges and universities offering top-notch programs, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your needs. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring your options today!



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