The Top 5 Law Schools in Belgium

The country of Belgium has a long and storied history. This nation, although small, has produced some of the most notable individuals and leaders in Europe. In addition, Belgium is home to many excellent universities, including several top-ranked law schools.

There are many law schools in Belgium that accept international students who wish to obtain a master's or doctorate degree. The desirability of the country as a place to study law has increased foreign interest. Additionally, students on a budget find Belgium's reasonable cost of living attractive.

Whether you are looking to study at one of Belgium’s world-renowned universities or simply want to experience all that this fascinating country has to offer, there is much to explore.

KU Leuven – Faculty of Law and Criminology

The school offers programs for law graduate students, but also accepts students with undergraduate and graduate degrees from different institutions.
The school has a partnership with Zurich University in Switzerland and Waseda University in Japan, both of which offer double degree programs. The Master of Law program is offered at both universities.
-The school is known for its high quality research and discipline, and has produced multifaceted individuals who have gone on to work in public service across the European and International communities.

UC Louvain – Faculty of Law and Criminology

The Faculty of Law and Criminology at UC Louvain offers a variety of study programs for aspiring law students, including a bachelor's degree and a master's degree. The main language of instruction is French, but there are also some programs available in English. After completing their master's degree, students can either obtain a teaching certification of continue onto doctoral studies.

UC Louvain is one of the leading universities in Belgium when it comes to legal education. The faculty has an excellent reputation and is known for its high-quality teaching and research. There are many reasons why you should consider studying at UC Louvain, including the following:

  • You will receive a top-notch education from experienced and respected professors.
  • The curriculum is very comprehensive, covering all aspects of law and criminology.
  • You will have the opportunity to study in both French and English, depending on your preference.
  • After completing your studies, you will be highly sought-after by employers both in Belgium and abroad.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in law or criminology, UC Louvain is the perfect place to start your journey. With its excellent academic reputation and wide range of study options, the faculty is sure to give you the best possible foundation for success in your chosen field.

The Université Libre de Bruxelles - Faculty of Law and Criminology

The Université Libre de Bruxelles is situated in Brussels, Belgium.
The Université de Mons has a partnership with the Université Libre de Bruxelles.
The Université Libre of Bruxellles provides courses in various law topics, while the Université De Mons offers courses in diverse areas outside of law as well as differentforeign language options.
-Students can choose to take courses at either institution.
Major organizations such aslaw firmsandpolitical institutesare basedin Brussels.

Ghent University – Faculty of Law

Ghent University is a top-ranked institution of higher education located in the city of Ghent, Belgium. Founded in 1816, it offers bachelor's up to doctoral degrees, with some master's programs taught in English. The Faculty of Law is highly respected, and its doctoral degree instruction is in English.

The university has an excellent reputation for research and teaching, as well as for its vibrant student life. It is home to over 40,000 students from all over the world, making it one of Belgium's largest universities.

Ghent University offers a wide range of degree programs, including law, medicine, engineering, humanities, and sciences. Its law school is one of the oldest and most prestigious in Belgium. The faculty has a long tradition of excellence in legal scholarship and research, and its graduates are among the most sought-after by employers.

The university's location in the historic city of Ghent makes it an ideal place to study law. The city is home to a number of important legal institutions, such as the Court of Appeal for Ghent and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. There are also numerous opportunities for internships and clerkships with local law firms and organizations.

If you're looking for a top-quality legal education at an internationally respected university, then Ghent University's Faculty of Law is the perfect choice for you!


Belgium is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to pursue a law or criminology-related career. With its world-renowned universities and high-quality programs, the country provides students with everything they need to succeed in their chosen field. So if you're looking for an inspiring and affordable place to study law, Belgium should be at the top of your list!



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