The Advantages of Becoming a Nurse in Poland

If you're considering a career in nursing, Poland is an excellent place to consider. The population of Poland is over 37 million people, and there is a need for nurses both in the country and abroad. The country's labor laws are generous, providing parents with leave, insurance, and paid time off, as well as a livable minimum wage. Additionally, few young people are studying to be nurses, so there are plenty of opportunities for those who are interested in the field.

Get a Nursing Education in Poland

If you're a nurse from another country who wants to work in Poland, you'll need to have the right kind of nursing education. This can be in the form of a certificate, bachelor's degree, or equivalent.

One advantage of studying nursing in an EU country is that it makes it easier to work in Poland. There are several well-known universities that offer nursing programs in Poland, including the Medical University of Lodz, Vincent Pol University, the University of Economics and Innovation Lublin, and Polonia University.

So if you're interested in working as a nurse in Poland, be sure to research your educational options and choose a program that will give you the skills and qualifications you need to succeed.

Learn Polish to Become a Nurse in Poland

Before you can start practicing as a nurse in Poland, you will need to show that you have a good understanding of the Polish language. The only way to do this is by passing the State Certificate Examinations in Polish as a Foreign Language. This exam tests your ability to read, write and speak Polish, as well as understand spoken Polish. If you're thinking of becoming a nurse in Poland, make sure you start learning Polish as soon as possible!

Apply for a Nursing Internship in Poland

If you're a nurse looking for an international experience, Poland is a great choice. You can apply for a six-month internship in a medical institution through many Polish universities.

Most universities have close relationships with medical institutions and can help place their students. As an intern, you'll gain valuable experience working in a healthcare setting. Plus, you'll get to know the Polish culture and healthcare system firsthand.

To be eligible for an internship in Poland, you must be from a country outside of the European Union. If you meet this criteria, start researching different programs and see if an internship in Poland is right for you!


If you're interested in becoming a nurse, Poland is an excellent option to consider. With its generous labor laws and need for nurses, you'll be sure to find success in this field. So don't wait – start research your educational options and begin learning Polish today!



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