Summer Culinary Programs For High School Students

Many celebrated chefs found their passion for food long before they had the opportunity to study it formally. High school students often don't have enough time to practice their craft due to mandatory coursework during the school year.

Culinary summer camps for high school students offer students a chance to delve into culinary arts education, from beginner-level courses to those meant for experts.

Summer Culinary Program

There are programs located in all major cities, including New York City, Austin, and Los Angeles. During a typical 1-2 week session, students will gain experience working with professional chefs, food bloggers, andfood photographers.

These programs provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about the culinary arts and to decide if it is the right career path for you. It is also a great way to make new friends and network with potential employers.


Welcome to Camp CHOP, the American Campus Association's summer culinary program for high school students!

This unique camp, located in Clover, Virginia, combines culinary instruction with typical summer camp activities. Highly experienced staff provides top-notch instruction in a fun and supportive environment.

In addition to learning about the basics of cooking, participants will also get to enjoy traditional summer camp activities like swimming, hiking, and arts & crafts. The goal is to provide a well-rounded experience that helps students develop their skills in the kitchen while also having a ton of fun!

Home Cooking New York

The Home Cooking New York program is a one-week course for 15-year-old students who live in Lower Manhattan. At the end of the program, students will have experienced and explore different foods in new ways each day through various classes.

On the first day of the program, students will learn about the history of food in New York City. They'll hear about how immigrants have brought their own culinary traditions to the city, and how those traditions have influenced the development of New York's unique food culture.

On the second day, students will get a hands-on experience in cooking. They'll learn about different techniques and ingredients, and they'll prepare a meal using what they've learned.

On the third day, students will explore the world of food science. They'll learn about how food is grown and processed, and they'll taste some unusual foods that they may not have tried before.

On the fourth day, students will learn about nutrition and healthy eating. They'll find out how to make smart choices when it comes to food, and they'll also get to try some delicious healthy recipes.

On the fifth day, students will wrap up the program with a final project. They'll work in teams to create a dish that represents their own personal style of home cooking. At the end of the week, everyone will get to enjoy their creations!

Classic Thyme Cooking School

The Classic Thyme Cooking School, Westfield, NJ, which has been operating for 25 years, offers a popular farm to table summer camp program for high school students. The program, which runs from early June through late August, focuses on dining and gardening instruction.

This year, the camp will be offering a new cooking class that highlights the importance of fresh, seasonal ingredients. Students will learn how to cook with produce that is sourced directly from local farms. They will also get a chance to tour a working farm and meet the farmers who grow the food they will be eating.

This is one of the best culinary summer schools for high schoolers!

Sur la Table Summer Series

The Sur la Table summer series (Brownsburg, IN) offers three different courses for aspiring chefs of all levels. The courses are offered from June to August, and each one provides valuable insight and hands-on experience in the culinary world.

The first course in the series is titled “Open Your Own Restaurant”. This five-day course covers everything from finding the perfect location to creating a menu that will tantalize taste buds. Students will also learn about the important role that front-of-house staff play in making a restaurant successful.

The second course is a 5-day baking workshop. This intensive program covers topics like breadmaking, pastry doughs, cakes, and other desserts. It's is an amazing summer pastry program, students will have the opportunity to put their skills to the test by creating beautiful and delicious creations.

The third course is the Academy of Cuisine program. This six-week course is designed for high school students interested in pursuing a career in the culinary arts. The curriculum covers topics like kitchen safety, knife skills, cooking techniques, and menu planning. Students will also get the chance to shadow a professional chef and learn about the day-to-day operations of a busy kitchen.

St Barns Summer Institute

The Stone Barns Center is for high school students interested in sustainable, farm-to-table cooking. The program provides participants with the opportunity to learn about cooking from some of the best chefs in the business, as well as gain hands-on experience through internships at Stone Barns’ partner restaurants, the Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

Students have the chance to learn not only cooking, but also other topics related to sustainable agriculture such as beekeeping, seedingbreeding,livestockfarming,andcomposting. This makes the Summer Institute perfect for those interested in pursuing a career in the food industry or simply wanting to learn more about where their food comes from.

This culinary summer program takes place in Pocantico Hills, NY.

Walnut Hill College Summer Institute

The two-week program takes place in Philadelphia, PA, and offers courses in the culinary arts, pastry arts, and management so you can learn what is necessary to pursue a career in the food industry.

And if you're still undecided about what you want to do with your life, the Summer Institute also offers a two-day program exploring American cuisine. This is a great way to get a taste of what the culinary world has to offer before committing to a full course of study.

High school students can also take part in competitions exclusively for them, including a chocolate competition and a culinary competition.

Kendall College's Yes Chef! Culinary Camp

Kendall College's Yes Chef! Culinary Camp in Chicago, IL, is an opportunity for high school students to learn from Kendall College's professors in a one-week, overnight setting. The camp explores different aspects of cooking, such as kitchen terminology, knife skills, and cooking methods. Field trips to Chicago's best food spots and nearby agricultural sites are included.

This summer culinary program is a great way for high school students to learn about the culinary arts from some of the best chefs in the business. Students will get to explore various aspects of the kitchen, including knife skills and cooking methods. What's more, they'll have the chance to go on field trips to Chicago's best food spots and nearby agricultural sites. This is an incredible opportunity for any high school student interested in pursuing a career in the culinary arts.

Pali Adventures Culinary Camp

Pali Adventures Culinary Camp takes place in Southern California, San Bernardino. At the end of this week-long camp, there will be an Iron Chef-style competiton.

With two camp staff members for every camper, you're guaranteed to receive the attention and instruction needed to be successful. Plus, with Pali's international student base, you'll have the opportunity to learn from and cook with students from all over the world.

The Culinary Institute of America's Summer Academy

The Culinary Institute of America is widely considered to be the best culinary school in the United States. World-famous chefs like Anthony Bourdain, Anne Burrell, and dozens more got their start at CIA. One-fifth of all Michelin Star restaurants in the world are alumni from CIA.

If you're interested in pursuing a career in culinary arts, there's no better place to get started than CIA's Summer Academy. These programs are designed for high school students and offer an intensive introduction to the world of professional cooking. You'll learn from some of the top chefs in the country and get a taste of what it's like to work in a real kitchen.

Takes place in Hyde Park, NY.


There are many different summer culinary arts programs available for high school students, each with their own unique benefits. It is important to do your research in order to choose the program which will work better for you and also fits your hobbies. Programs such as these are great for learning more about the culinary arts, making new friends, and networking with potential employers. If you love food and are considering making it your career, attending a summer culinary arts program is a great way to explore your passion and see if it's the right fit for you.



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