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Heihe University CSC Scholarship Application Process in 2022

About Chinese Government Scholarships

Scholarships are only available to those who have pre-registered as an undergraduate student at HHU. Since there are two types of scholarships - as detailed above, as well as the possible need to consider finances - it's important for candidates to take all guidelines into account before applying.

Before Filling The Application

To be considered for a scholarship from HHU, you need to first get into a degree program. These are highly competitive and admissions are very selective. But once you’re accepted, there is funding available to help with living expenses as well as tuition fees. Speak with our school advisors to find out if you qualify for any of the different types of scholarships available or if there are other ways to fund your studies."

Are You Suitable For The CSC Scholarship

To be eligible for this award, candidates must meet the following requirements:
  • they are not Chinese citizens
  • they are sound of mind and healthy in body
  • different programs have different age requirements
  • for Master's degrees they cannot be more than 35 years old
    for Doctoral degrees, they cannot be more than 45 years old
    preapproval is needed before submitting an eligibility application
    the candidate cannot already have another scholarship offered to them
    you cannot submit the same candidate twice as a CGS recipient.

Application Form

Planning to apply for the Heihe University CSC scholarship? Here’s what to do:
  • Go to the CSC website and create a profile with your details.
  • Next, you will see an inline application form - fill that up.
  • If applying for more than one university scholarship, you cannot do it from this one account- create another account instead! Every university has its own agency in charge of the application process- note down their number so you can enter it when filling out their specific scholarship form on the CSC website. If you have already applied for scholarships with other agencies or universities, make sure they are all entered correctly on this form too! Different types of scholarships are available depending on study level - choose wisely which suits yours best! Fill in all required details asked in the application form- these must be true, having false information could affect your chances of getting the scholarship! Click on submit button when done filling out forms on both megacorp's site and that provided by Heihe University (HHU). Save downloaded copy of submitted forms onto your computer or hard copies for reference later if needed-. Congratulations again!.

Maximize Your Success Chances

DeHeihe University is one of the world’s leading Chinese universities in terms of awarding scholarships. The competition to enter this university for any scholarship is high, and many students apply every year. Here are some tips to increase your chances of winning a scholarship at Heihe University (CSC) in 2022:
  • Check the website of the university where you want to study for what documents you need. Each school will have different requirements. Make sure you don’t submit all the same documents to every school without checking specific instructions from each individual one first
  • If a separate application form or specific qualifications are required by a given university, then make sure that these are not left out of your CSC application form before submission
  • Double-check your completed CSC application form and ensure that all requirements have been met before submitting it - including hard copies if needed by that particular university outside its usual document requirement standard or deadlines or time frames on verification
  • Get two recommendations from previous professors for your CHR application - these add value to an application and make it stronger

When To Apply And Wait For Results

To find out the latest Information on CSC Scholarship candidate eligibility, contact Heihe University.


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Price per year: 10000
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Price per year: 10000
Bachelor of International Economy and Trade (taught in Chinese)
Price per year: 10000
Master of Chinese Language and Literature (taught in Chinese)
Price per year: 10000
Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (taught in Chinese)
Price per year: 10000
Master of International Economy and Trade (taught in Chinese)
Price per year: 10000