Everything You Need to Know About Handong Global University

Handong Global University is a private Christian educational institution located in Pohang, South Korea. Founded in 1994, the school enrolls more than 5,000 undergrad and grad students.

The university has a global perspective, as seen by the 21.1% of foreign faculty and 40% of courses taught in English across its 12 schools. It also has a Global Leadership School system for incoming undergraduate students.

International Students at Handong Global University

If you're looking for a truly global university experience, look no further than Handong Global University in South Korea. With students from over 50 different countries, international students make up a significant portion of the student body here.

Living in International House is a great way to immerse yourself in different cultures and meet people from all over the world. There are always fun activities going on, like Friday games nights, movie nights, and Carmichael breakfasts. And don't forget the semester-end banquet - it's always a big hit!

The university also offers unique experiences that give international students a taste of Korean culture. Excursions to historical spots like the Demilitarized Zone or DMZ are organized by the Office of International Affairs, and there are also plenty of cultural activities to get involved in, like the Kpop Dance Club, Taekwondo, and one-on-one Korean language tutoring.

So if you're looking for an unforgettable university experience, be sure to check out Handong Global University!

Tuition Fees at Handong Global University

As one of the leading universities in South Korea, Handong Global University offers a world-class education to its students. With a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs on offer, the university is able to cater to the needs of students from all walks of life.

Undergraduate tuition for first-year students at Handong Global University is $3,200 per semester. This fee covers the cost of tuition for all humanities and social sciences students. For those studying in the field of science and engineering, the tuition fee is slightly higher at $5,000 per semester.

Graduate tuition fees vary depending on the program you are enrolled in. For general studies humanities and social sciences students, the fee is $3,600 per semester. For those studying in the field of science and engineering, the fee is $7,900 per semester. The Graduate School of International Business Administration has a lower tuition fee of just $1,800 per semester, while the Graduate School of Counseling charges a slightly higher fee of $3,100 per semester.

No matter what your area of study may be, Handong Global University provides an excellent education that is sure to set you up for success in your chosen career.

International Admissions Guide at Handong Global University

If you're looking to study at Handong Global University as an international student, there are a few things you need to know. First, let's take a look at the basic requirements for undergraduate applicants.

To apply to Handong Global University as an undergraduate student, you'll need to submit the following documents:

  • A completed application form
  • Official high school transcripts
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • A copy of your passport

The submission dates for these documents vary depending on your country of origin, so be sure to check the deadlines for your specific country. Once your documents have been received and evaluated, you'll be notified if you've passed the document evaluation stage.

If you pass the document evaluation, you'll be invited to participate in an interview with a member of the admissions committee. The purpose of this interview is to get to know you better and to see if you're a good fit for the university. After your interview, the admissions committee will make a decision on your admission status.

For graduate students, the admission process is similar but also includes a review of your academic transcripts and letters of recommendation. The acceptance decision announcement for graduate students is typically made within two weeks of the completion of all required materials.

Whether you're applying as an undergraduate or graduate student, Handong Global University is committed to helping you through every step of the admissions process.

Admissions Requirements for International Students at Handong Global University

Are you an international student looking to study at Handong Global University? If so, here's what you need to know about the admissions requirements.

You'll need to submit high school transcripts, records, and as well as a copy ofyour diploma to graduate. You'll also need to provide a recommendation letter from someone who can vouch for your academic ability.

In addition, you'll need to write three personal essays. These essays should be about why you want to study at Handong Global University, what your goals are, and how you plan on contributing to the university community.

Finally, you'll need to provide proof of nationality and English proficiency. For those applying with a bachelor's degree, you'll need to submit official transcripts from your 4 year undergrad program, as well as your official diploma.

If you meet all of these requirements, then you're one step closer to studying at Handong Global University!

Handong Global University

Handong Global University is the first in South Korea to host UNESCO’s University Twinning and Networking program. The university's commitment to global education is demonstrated by being the first to start an international law school in Asia.

The university has a beautiful campus and is located in a picturesque setting. It is a top-ranked institution in South Korea and is known for its excellent academic programs.

I had the pleasure of visiting Handong Global University recently and was impressed by the quality of education on offer. The faculty are world-renowned experts in their field and the students are highly motivated and engaged.

The university offers a unique educational experience that is truly global in scope. If you are looking for an excellent education, I highly recommend Handong Global University!

Handong Global University Acceptance Rate

Are you considering applying to Handong Global University? If so, you're probably wondering what your chances of admission are.

Well, the truth is that it's difficult to say for sure. The university doesn't release detailed admissions statistics, so allwe can really go on is estimates. Based on those estimates, the acceptance rate for Handong Global University is somewhere in the range of 20% to 30%.

Of course, that means that your odds of getting in are pretty good - but they're not great. So if you're set on attending Handong Global University, you'll need to make sure your application is as strong as it can be.

One important factor in the admissions process is the number of candidates who apply. There is a limit of five candidates that the Graduate School of Global Management and Leadership will accept for its Spring 2021 admissions. So if you're applying to that program, your

Undergraduate Scholarships at Handong Global University

Handong Global University offers a number of scholarships for undergraduate students. The most notable are the monthly allowance, settlement allowance, and TOPIK level 5 or 6 additional monthly allowance. All three of these allowances are 100% tuition covered. In addition, the degree completion grant is also 100% tuition covered.

The admission fee coverage is another great benefit of attending Handong Global University. This covers the cost of your application fee, as well as any other associated fees. The dormitory fee coverage is also a great perk, as it covers the cost of your room and board while you're attending school. Lastly, the meal fee coverage is a great way to save money on food while you're in school.

All in all, Handong Global University is an excellent choice for those looking for a top-notch education at an affordable price. Be sure to take advantage of all the university has to offer by applying for one of their many scholarships!


Looking for an excellent and affordable education? Handong Global University is the perfect choice! With a number of scholarships and financial aid options available, there's no reason not to apply. So what are you waiting for? Start your application today!



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