Everything You Need to Know About Caltech Scholarships for International Students

Caltech was founded in 1891 and has an undergraduate student body of 1,000 and a graduate student body of 1,250. The school has 300 faculty members across 28 different undergraduate majors, as well as13 undergraduate minor programs. Additionally, Caltech offers scholarships for eligible students.

Caltech Scholarships for International Students

The California Institute of Technology is a globally-renowned institution for science and engineering, with many notable alumni and faculty members having won Nobel Prizes or other awards. It is home to about 1000 undergraduates, 1250 graduates, with 300 faculty providing instruction across 28 fields of study in 6 divisions.

Caltech offers a number of scholarships for international students who wish to pursue their studies at the institute. These scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and financial need, and can cover the full cost of tuition plus living expenses. Scholarships are available for both undergraduate and graduate students.

International Students at CalTech

Caltech is one of the leading scientific and technological institutions in the world, and it is no surprise that it attracts students from all over the globe. The most recent data states that 681 international students are currently enrolled at Caltech, which is 30% of the student body. The majority of these students come from China, with an estimated 202 students.

The International Student Programs office at Caltech is available to assist students with immigration matters such as visas and employment. There are also various clubs and organizations available for international students, including Ask An Expert, Immigration Roadmap, Intercultural Discussion Group, and Caltech International Spouses Club.

Scholarships are also available for international students through the Caltech Scholarship Program. This program provides need-based financial support for undergraduates who would not be able to attend Caltech without financial assistance.

If you're considering applying to Caltech as an international student, know that you will be joining a community of talented and ambitious students from all over the world. And with the support of the International Student Programs office and various campus organizations, you will have everything you need to succeed at Caltech.

Caltech Tuition Fees for International Students

As an international student, you'll be responsible for the full cost of your education at Caltech. That includes tuition, fees, housing and meals, books and supplies, personal expenses, and transportation.

For undergraduate students, tuition is $52,506 per year. Fees are an additional $2,094 per year. Housing and room costs $9,615 per year, and board and meal costs are $7,029 per year. Books and supplies will cost you an additional $1,428 per year. And finally, personal expenses are estimated at $2,091 per year.

There is also a mandatory orientation fee of $500 for all new undergraduate students.

The cost of attendance for graduate students can be anywhere from $83,434 per year up to $91,174. A portion of this cost goes towards food ($9,125 per year) and utilities ($1,200 per year). Books and supplies will cost you an additional $1,400 per year. Personal expenses are estimated at $4,500 per year. And finally, transportation costs are estimated at $2,400 per year.

Tuition alone for graduate students is $54,570 per year. Mandatory fees are an additional $2,079 per year.

Admissions Guide for International Students at Caltech

Caltech is one of the world's leading scientific and engineering institutions, and admission into its programs is highly competitive. If you're an international student interested in applying to Caltech, read on for a guide to the admissions process.

Undergraduate Admissions

To be eligible for admission to Caltech as an undergraduate, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have completed or be in the process of completing high school.
  • You must have taken or be taking the equivalent of four years of English, mathematics, science, and social studies courses.
  • You must have achieved a strong academic record.
  • You must take either the SAT or ACT exam and submit your scores.
  • You must submit two letters of recommendation from teachers or other adults who can speak to your academic abilities.
  • You must submit a personal essay.

Graduate Admissions

To be eligible for admission to Caltech as a graduate student, you must meet the following criteria:

-You must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution.
-You must have achieved a strong academic record.
-You must take either the GRE or GMAT exam and submit your scores.
-You must submit three letters of recommendation from professors or other adults who can speak to your academic abilities.
-You must submit a personal statement. -Your potential advisor at Caltech must agree to sponsor you.

Courses Available

term, students may take up to 8 units per term while working full time toward their degree program requirements are available in Aerospace Engineering; Biological Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Computing & Mathematical Sciences; Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics; Environmental Science and Engineering; Geological and Planetary Sciences; Materials Science & Applied Physics; Mechanical & Civil Engineering; and Chemistry & Chemical Engineering.' Students may also pursue non-degree programs such as postdoctoral research, auditing classes, or attending special seminars.' There are also opportunities for independent study

Caltech Application Fee

If you're looking to apply to Caltech, you'll need to submit an application fee. The fee for first-year undergraduate applicants is $75, and the fee for graduate applicants is $100. Fee waivers may be available, but they are subject to approval.

Caltech offers a variety of scholarships for both undergraduates and graduates.

Admissions Requirements at Caltech for International Students

Caltech is one of the world's leading research institutions, and its admissions requirements reflect that. International students interested in attending Caltech must meet a number of academic criteria in order to be considered for admission.

First and foremost, applicants must demonstrate preparedness for Caltech's core curriculum. This means having a strong foundation in mathematics and the sciences. Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and College Credit courses can all be used to demonstrate preparedness.

In addition, all applicants must take placement exams in math and science prior to enrolling at Caltech. These exams are used to ensure that students are adequately prepared for the rigors of the Caltech curriculum.

All applications - whether through the Common Application or Coalition Application - must include the Caltech Questions. Standardized test scores, teacher evaluations, and secondary school results are also required as part of the application process.

Finally, international applicants must submit Duolingo English Test or TOEFL results along with their transcripts as part of the admissions process. Financial aid information is also required for those seeking financial assistance from Caltech.

Caltech Ranked 4th in World University Rankings

Caltech has once again been ranked as one of the top universities in the world, coming in at 4th place in the latest World University Rankings. The school also did well in the US College Rankings, coming in at 7th place. And in the World Reputation Rankings, Caltech was 11th.

These rankings are a great testament to the quality of education that Caltech provides. But they're not the only thing that makes the school special. Caltech is also known

Caltech Acceptance Rate

If you're looking at colleges, you've probably heard of the California Institute of Technology, or Caltech. It's a highly respected school, and it's also very competitive. With an acceptance rate of only 7%, out of every 100 applicants, seven are accepted.

Of course, that doesn't mean that your odds are totally hopeless. Of the 8,367 applicants, over 500 students have been accepted. So if you're willing to work hard and put in the effort, you definitely have a chance of getting in.

Once you're enrolled, you'll be part of a diverse student body that includes 8% international students. And with 938 total

Caltech Scholarships for International Students

As an international student, one of the first things you need to consider when applying to colleges is how you will finance your education. At Caltech, all of their scholarships are need-based, which means that they are awarded based on your financial need. This is different from merit-based scholarships, which are awarded based on your academic or extracurricular achievements.

If you are an international student with financial need, you may be eligible for a Caltech Scholarship. Caltech Scholarships are awarded based on a variety of factors, including your family's income and assets, your country of citizenship, and your educational expenses. To be considered for a Caltech Scholarship, you must submit a completed Financial Aid Application by the deadline.

Caltech is committed to making its education accessible to all qualified students, regardless of their financial circumstances. If you have any questions about financing your education at Caltech, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.


Caltech is an incredible school that offers so much to its students. It's a place where you can really explore your passions and find your niche. The faculty are world-renowned and the resources available are second to none. If you're looking for a challenge and an opportunity to grow, Caltech is the perfect place for you.



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