Cheap Universities in Thailand – A Guide for International Students

Bangkok is Thailand's capital and most populous city. It is one of the world's top tourist destinations, attracting over 37 million visitors in 2017. The city is also home to 30% of Thailand's universities, including 48% of the country's private universities.

There are 156 universities accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education until 2016, making Bangkok an attractive destination for international students seeking a quality education at an affordable price.

Cheap Universities in Thailand

Thailand is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, and it's also home to some of the best universities in Southeast Asia. In fact, there are 156 accredited universities in Thailand, 48% of which are private institutions.

The Thai higher education system has undergone reforms in recent years to improve and unify education standards throughout the nation. As a result, Thai universities are now highly respected and sought-after by students from all over the world.

One of the best things about studying in Thailand is that tuition fees are relatively low compared to other countries. In fact, many of Thailand's universities offer quality education at a fraction of the cost of schools in developed countries.

If you're looking for a cheap university to study at, here are just some of the great options available in Thailand:

  • Bangkok University
  • Chiang Mai University
  • Khon Kaen University
  • Mae Fah Luang University

Admissions Process at Thai Universities

There are a total of 54 public universities in Thailand that use the Thai Central Admission System. This system is made up of 5 stages, and private universities have their own admission methods. However, many of the private universities are quite cheap compared to other options out there.

The first stage of the Thai Central Admission System is an eligibility check. This is where potential students submit their documents and transcripts to be reviewed by the university. If everything looks good, they will move on to the next stage.

The second stage is an entrance exam. All potential students must take this exam in order to be considered for admission into any of the public universities. The exam covers a variety of topics, and each university has different cutoff scores that students must meet in order to be admitted.

The third stage is a document review. Once again, all potential students must submit their documents and transcripts for review by the university. This time, however, the university will also look at things like letters of recommendation and essays.

The fourth stage is an interview. This is where potential students will meet with representatives

Thai Universities: Language of Instruction

Thailand is a country with a rich culture and history. The official language of Thailand is Thai, however many universities offer programs that are taught entirely in English. This makes Thailand an attractive destination for international students looking to study abroad.

As of 2015, an estimated 1,044 programs are taught in English at Thai universities. This number is sure to have grown in recent years as more and more students look to Thailand as a cheap and convenient place to study. Many of these programs are offered at very affordable prices, making Thai universities some of the most cost-effective options for higher education.

Whether you're looking to learn about Thai culture or simply want to take advantage of the low

How expensive are Universities in Thailand for international students?

Thailand is a popular destination for international students, but how expensive are the universities here?

For domestic students, tuition fees are relatively cheap. However, for international students, the story is different. Prices for international English programs can range anywhere from 2,000 USD to 6,000 USD annually. So if you're an international student looking to study in Thailand, you should be prepared to pay more for your education.

There are some cheaper options available though. There are a few universities that offer programs specifically for international students at a lower cost. And if you're willing to learn Thai and study in a Thai-language program, you can also find some good deals.

Overall, Thailand is a great place to study, but it's important to know how much it will cost you before you make any decisions. Do your research and compare prices so that you can find the best option for your budget.

Is Thailand an expensive country?

When it comes to the cost of living, Thailand is often thought of as an expensive country. But is this really the case? Let's take a closer look.

The official currency in Thailand is the Thai baht, and at current exchange rates, one US dollar is worth about 30 Thai baht. So, how much does stuff actually cost in Thailand?

Well, for starters, rent is pretty reasonable. You can expect to pay approximately 450 USD per month for a one-bedroom apartment located in the city center. Not bad! And if you're eating out at local restaurants, you can easily get a meal for less than 5 USD.

What about university tuition fees? Well, there are many cheap universities in Thailand that offer excellent education at very affordable prices. So if you're looking to study abroad, Thailand could be a great option for you.

So overall, while Thailand may not be the cheapest country in the world, it's certainly not as expensive as some people make it out to be. If you're thinking of making the move to Thailand, don't let concerns about cost deter you - it's definitely possible to live here on a budget.

MahaSarakham University

MahaSarakham University is one of Thailand's leading universities, with two campuses and 17 faculties. They offer a total of 86 undergraduate programs, 58 graduate programs, and 34 doctoral programs. Tuition fees are very affordable at MSU, making it a great choice for those looking for cheap universities. The university has a strong reputation and offers a great education. If you're looking for a top university in Thailand, MahaSarakham University should be at the top of your list!

Chulalongkorn University

Chulalongkorn University is the oldest Thailand's Higher Education Institution. Named after one of Thailand's kings, this cheap university is located in Thailand. The university is located in Bangkok and has a student body of over 35,000. What's interesting is that the King use to hand out the diplomas at graduations. The university has a number of different student residences that are available for international students. Majors are distinguished into two groups for calculating tuition fees. However, even with the lower tuition rates, the quality of education at Chulalongkorn University remains high, making it a great choice for those looking for a affordable option.

Cheap Universities in Thailand: Prince of Songkla University

Prince of Songkla University is one of the cheap universities in Thailand. It was established in 1967 and has five campuses, 39 faculties, institutes, and schools. More than 37,000 Prince of Songkla University students are enrolled, including 700 international students.

The tuition fees for international students at Prince of Songkla University range from 54,000 THB to 154,000 THB. There are also international programs with their own fees, ranging from 35,000 THB to 90,000 THB.

If you're looking for a cheap university in Thailand, Prince of Songkla University is definitely worth considering!

Burapha University

Founded in 1955, Burapha University is one of the oldest and largest universities in Thailand. With 48,000 students, it is also one of the most popular choices for Thai students seeking a university education.

Each year, the university admits 5,000 new students to its 24 faculties. The university has three campuses, all of which are well-equipped with modern facilities. In addition, there are 100 student clubs and organizations on campus, providing ample opportunities for students to get involved in extracurricular activities.

The university's on-campus bus service makes getting around easy and convenient. And best of all, Burapha University is one of the most affordable universities in Thailand, making it a great option for budget-conscious students.

Sripatum University

Sripatum University is one of the most affordable universities in Thailand. The university was founded in1970 as a college. The university, with its 10 schools and 6 colleges, is one of the largest in the country.

The Sripatum International College at Sripatum University offers eight international programs that are entirely taught in English. This makes Sripatum University a great option for international students who want to study in Thailand but don't speak Thai fluently.

Annual tuition fees at Sripatum University range from 123,900 THB to 139,000 THB, making it one of the most affordable universities in Thailand. If you're looking for an affordable university with a wide range of programs, Sripatum University is a great option to consider.

AIT - A Cheap University in Thailand

The Asian Institute of Technology was established in 1969 and has since become a leading international university. The school, which educates approximately 2,000 students, is located in Thailand and 70% of its student population are international.

AIT provides many different types of programs such as those leading to a master's or doctorate, dual and joint degrees, exchanges, and the special Unified International Bachelor-Master. The university is also involved in over 450 research projects, which are currently sponsored.

The tuition fees at AIT are very affordable and they are calculated by the number of credits. This makes AIT one of the most affordable universities in Thailand.


Don't let the cost of studying at one of Thailand's great universities stop you from moving there - there are plenty of affordable options to suit your budget. And who knows, you might just have the time of your life in this beautiful country!



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